Thursday, August 24, 2006

Deer at the Lake

We saw these deer at Dolan's Lake last Sunday.

Feedster Top 500

Feedster has selected the Top 500 Weblogs.  Guess that would be their opinion ..... not mine.  Some of them I read on a daily basis but most of them are a waste of time.  Anyway, it is an interesting list of blogs!

DARN IT ..... my blog was not on the list!! bwaaaaaahahaha


Windows Live Writer (beta).  I don't think this thing is gonna work so well with Blogger.  If it doesn't upload images, I won't use it!

Well I just tried to upload an image with this post.  It says that Blogger doesn't accept images. ha  What a crock!  I should have known that anything produced by Micro$oft isn't going to play nice with a "GOOGLE" product :o)  Too bad ....

Barn Swallows

The baby Barn Swallows are almost ready to leave the nest! I have been watching them each day and I think today is the DAY!! Sure doesn't take them long to mature ..... they just had tiny tuffs of feathers 6 days ago. Now they are fully "feathered" and standing on the side of the nest anxious to fly!

Four days until my Flickr Pro account expires. Still haven't made up my mind about renewing the account. Supporting a site that openly displays porn on public pages is not my thing! Flickr ......... you should clean up your act or quit advertising your site as "family oriented". Shame on you, Flickr!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cedar Waxwing

I found a couple of these birds the last time I went to Dolan's Lake. I think they are one of the most beautiful birds in North America. I don't see them often though.

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