Thursday, April 12, 2007

IMUS & CBS .....CBS really Sucks!!!

Talk about pouring gasoline on an open fire .... CBS has fueled a big race riot on a lot of internet forums.

Shame on you CBS for bending over to please a couple of so-called Revs. You let that a**hole Sharpton pressure you into firing IMUS. You are no better than the idiots at MSNBC. I'll not be watching MSNBC nor will I be listening to any radio stations that are connected with CBS. And, to all the sponsors that pulled out ....... your products will not be in my house from this day forward.

To the nappy headed ho's on that damn basketball team .... You should be happy now that IMUS has been fired and he can't badmouth you anymore. Oh wait .... you have a long way to go in your young lives and if you think that being called a "nappy headed ho" has ruined your life ... THINK AGAIN. You will be called worse than those three little words from many many white people. I'm sure you call each other Ho's .... so what's the big deal? Oh, I get it now ....... IMUS is WHITE!! Can we all say "Double Standard".

One thing I would like to know .... Who the hell died and made that nappy headed Sharpton GOD? You and your nappy headed friend, Jesse Jacka**, can both rot .... I'm sure there is a place for both of you in the bowels of hell.

Now, let's all vote in nappy headed Obama and see the direction this country takes .... talk about double standards and race cards being played to the hilt.

I must thank Sharpton and Jacka** for turning me into an out of control racist. But, the town I live in has no Blacks and the "N" word rolls off of everyones tongues so smooth. I've never used the word until yesterday. Let me put it this way ..... I did not feel guilty for saying it.

Nappy Headed Ho's .......... still laughing my a** off at that rude comment made by IMUS :o)

Long live IMUS ..... he will be back.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The head honcho at MSNBC is a wussy deluxe! I'm not a big fan of MSNBC and never watch any of their news reports. However, I did watch IMUS .... he was the only thing that crappy station had going for it. I'm so pissed about this whole thing. I've never had anything against the blacks but the remark made by IMUS (nappy headed ho's) literally cracked me up. He said it as a joke .......... what's the big deal. Imus is not a racist BUT those two "Revs" (Sharpton & Jackson) are. Actually, they are two of the biggest racists on this planet. They can get on any news station and say anything they want ....... is any action taken against them? NO

How many times does IMUS have to apologize to that friggin girls basketball team .... the group of "nappy headed hos'? He shouldn't have apologized to them at all. He should have just said "F*** em' if they can't take a joke".

It is perfectly ok for the blacks to call the whites all kinds of names but not the other way around. And another thing, we don't have "White Entertainment TV" but they have "Black Entertainment TV". We don't have "White Miss America" but they have "Black Miss America". However, we do see black women in the "Miss America" pageant but no whites in the "Black Miss America" pageant. What's up with that? Who are the racists in that situation .... can we all say "Blacks". Or, should we just call them "nappy headed ho's" from now on.

Yeah, let's ban the words "nappy" and "ho" from the english language. Ban the word "ho" and those black rap artists wouldn't have anything to "rap" about. It's all about their ho's and their bitches. Puleeeeeeeeeeeez!! And, they call that stuff music.

Nuff said about the "nappy headed ho's". Anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm not a racist. I have always hated the "N" word and never used it ....... that may change in the near future.

Long live IMUS! I've been a fan for years and will remain so. MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves. They buckled under to pressure brought on by Sharpton and Jackson .... they must worship those two babbling idiots!

One more thing ..... Rev Sharpton and Rev Jackson STFU!!!