Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whitetail Deer


Isn't she a little beauty

This image is from March 2008.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gray Catbird & Brown Thrasher

catbirdsmallI heard this little Catbird “meowing” across the road yesterday morning so I went over and looked for him.  He wouldn’t come out of his dark hiding place and I didn’t want to use the flash and scare him off.  Photos are kinda dark but you can still see what he looks like.


GRAY CATBIRD/Dumetella carolinensis

"A secretive, but curious skulker of dense thickets, the Gray Catbird is heard more than it is seen. Its rambling song contains imitations of other bird songs, but the characteristic "mew" that gives it its name is not an imitation and sounds only vaguely cat-like."


This Brown Thrasher was in the Maple tree in the backyard so I had to shoot him through the window!brownthrasher







BROWN THRASHER/Toxostoma rufum

"Brown Thrashers leave the nest at only 9 to 13 days old, earlier than either of its smaller relatives, the Northern Mockingbird or Gray Catbird.
An aggressive defender of its nest, the Brown Thrasher is known to strike people and dogs hard enough to draw blood."

source of information: Cornell Lab of Ornithology/All About Birds

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin Acceptance Speech

Here is the “PALIN” speech for anyone that might have missed it last night.  Sarah is a fabulous speaker!