Friday, March 31, 2006

Chipping Sparrow

Two of these cute little "Chippers" appeared at my feeder yesterday and stayed all day. I haven't seen one of these in a long time! They haven't been here at all today :(

Monday, March 27, 2006

New DELL Inspiron E1505

What a cool laptop!! I finally received this last Friday after ordering it on March 12. Don't order brand new computers from DELL because the wait is too long :o) The other two computers I ordered from DELL were at my door 5 days after ordering!

The screen on this thing is "da bomb". Graphics look absolutely FANTASTIC! I got the 15.4" UltraSharp™ Wide Screen SXGA Plus Display with TrueLife™, Windows® XP Media Center 2005, Intel® Core™ Duo processor and a 24X CD Burner/DVD Combo Drive (didn't get DVD burner because I already have that in one of the desktops). Internal wireless 802.11g and all the other usual stuff .. haha The Core Duo Processor totally ROCKS! Now I wish I had this processor in my newest desktop :( The only thing I don't like is the Windows XP Media Center 2005 edition. When I reinstall the OS (which will be ASAP), I won't reinstall the Media Center. It is nothing but a hog on memory and resources and I have no use for it. Plus, DELL is always compelled to load up a new computer with tons of "bloatware". I have never seen so much crap preloaded before on a DELL. Oh well, it is all going bye-bye :o)

So far "I'M LOVIN IT"